Google Assistant’s New Ambient Mode Can Now Make WhatsApp Audio & Video Calls

Google Assistant is all set to get new updates. In brief consumers will be able to make WhatsApp video and voice calls using Google Assistant. Earlier this week, at IFA 2019, Google made a sequence of announcements surrounding its new running software, Android 10 and Google Assistant. It introduced that an array of upgraded and new conceivable conceivable conceivable alternatives can...

Android 10: The entire pieces You Will have to Know About The New Conceivable possible choices

Stuffed with an array of delicate possible choices, the new style of Android, Android 10 is finally offered. Ceaselessly known as Android Q, it brings with itself a bag filled with useful chocolates. Made up our minds to be told about them? Stay tuned to resolve further about this up to date style. Lucking, there's no Dessert come...

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